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Different Motivation at Mille Lacs

Posted by jacob on September 13, 2017

St. Clair 2017 Smalljaws2.jpg

Tomorrow we kick off the final event of the Elite Series season at Mille Lacs Lake.  The place is an absolute giant smallmouth factory, but it definitely is fishing tougher than normal right now.  Overall, my practice has been decent, but I wouldn’t call it great.  The first day, I was able to get a lot of bites, but no big ones.  The second day I didn’t get a lot of bites, but they were all big.  Today was kind of in between with decent numbers and better size than day one.

I’m sure a lot of people will be talking about how tough the fishing is going into this one, but I assure you, big bags will come to the scales.  They are acting a bit goofy from what seems like all of the fishing pressure this past year.  To prepare for this one, I headed up to the St. Lawrence to get my smallmouth game face on.

I’m really not too worried.  There’s no pressure on me now and my goal is to just go out there and catch as big of bag as possible each day and see where that takes me.  The guys at the top could stumble and open the door for me, but I’m just focused on going out there, doing my job, and having fun in this one.

St, Clair was an absolute whack fest!  After prepractice in July I kind of knew St. Clair was hot this year.  However, I felt like my best chances to win were more tied to Erie and the rivers.  Day one, I did catch a couple big ones shallow in St. Clair before leaving, but caught most of my bag outside of it.  After a great day one, I felt like on day two I needed to run to Erie to really have a chance to win the thing.  Unfortunately, I guessed wrong on that one and even though I had close to twenty pounds, I fell down the standings.  They absolutely slaughtered them on day two of the derby.  There were thirty bags over twenty pounds which is completely unheard of! 

Day three, I stopped and caught some three pounders in St. Clair before heading out again, but was never able to really keep up with what those guys were doing over the course of the day there.  It’s not the way I like to fish as there’s a level of randomness to it.  I like to fish structure and current where it gives fish a reason to stick around.

Going into the season you obviously have goals.  The first one we took care of was making the Classic.  Once that was out of the way and Angler of the Year became realistic, that’s where all of my focus shifted.  Everyone has fished at another level this season and it’s honestly a great thing.  Going in, you know that you have to catch them every single day to have a chance and it pushes you to work harder each day.