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The Fall Mixed Bag

Posted by jacob on November 11, 2016

Erie Fall Smallies.jpg

In the fall, one of the biggest dilemmas for me is whether to hit the water or get in a tree.  This time of year can be some of the most fun fishing and hunting.  The fish are putting on the feed bag to get ready for winter and the deer are in rut and moving quite a bit.  Truly, there isn’t a bad choice and lately I’ve been sampling a bit of both.

I came over to Ohio to chase some big whitetails, but decided I couldn’t pass up going to Erie too.  I met up with my buddy Heath Wagner around Sandusky and we went out and smashed them!  We had just over twenty five pounds with our best five and I caught a new personal best at 6.2 lbs.  This time of year they are so fat that I swear a sixteen incher could weigh four pounds.

After getting some of my fishing fix I went back to the woods and have been there ever since.  For the better part of a week, I’ve been having a chess match with a giant Ohio buck that’s about around 170 inch.  He has been pretty predictable as to where he’s going every day, but he seems to come from a different place each day.  The other day I was set up by a fence row and was watching an eight point walking around while I waited for the bigger buck.  All of the sudden, he comes running down the same trail right by where I was but keeps on going and leaps over the fence and disappeared.  The harder you work trying to chase one deer it seems like the madder you get.  They really are a lot similar to bass; I think that’s part of the fun though.

Ole Flat Top.jpg

Imagine going to a two hundred acre lake that is full of bass and trying to target one specific big one.  You might figure out what cove he lives in, but one day he might be on the bank and another day he might suspend out in the middle.  It’s definitely a challenge targeting one individual fish and deer are no different.  The difference with deer I think is that they are smarter.  You can do everything right and just never get that clear shot.  Even though it can be frustrating at times, I really like the challenge of it.

I’ll be spending a little more time trying to pin this deer down and hopefully move my chess piece to the right space and get an opportunity to take a shot.  At any rate, it’s fun to get away for awhile and chase some deer.  By the time December rolls around I’ll be hungry again to get back after some bass.