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Fishing with Uncle Moe at the Big O

Posted by jacob on January 24, 2017

Uncle Moe Okeechobee.jpg

It’s been a busy last few weeks from pre-practice at Cherokee Lake to all kinds of adventures down at Okeechobee.  I just wrapped up my trip at Okeechobee after getting to spend last week with my Uncle Moe.  We were very lucky and had excellent weather which is rare this time of year.  Okeechobee is usually a great place to come to catch a lot of fish and that’s why I wanted to bring him down.  He really started me fishing and has always been a big part of my life.  He had just been given six weeks to live and decided to not do the chemotherapy.  I wanted him to get to come somewhere like Okeechobee and be able to do what he loves.

While I was down at Okeechobee, I’ve been into quite a few adventures.  The first is available to watch on my facebook page.  My buddy and I were fishing back in a little pond off the main lake and if you’ve never been to Okeechobee, it’s pretty easy to get turned around back off those kicker trails.  I told him how to get out of there, but he tried to take another route and got stuck way back in the reeds.  I tried pulling him out, but he was so far back that I couldn’t get him the whole way out.  Ultimately, it took two airboats to finally get him out of there!

The next adventure was on the way to pick up my Uncle from the airport.  I left that morning thinking we would probably be able to get on the water by ten o’clock.  Unfortunately, I flew my Uncle into Fort Myers, but ended up going to Fort Lauderdale instead after mixing them up.  He called me seeing where I was as I was waiting at the other airport.  After the small mix up, I got back on the road to Fort Myers and the two hour drive ahead.  On the way there, I felt the boat bouncing a lot so I pulled over.  Somehow, the u-bolt that holds it onto the trailer had broken so I had to tie two ropes to the cleats to secure it.  It was quite the adventure.

Before heading to Florida, I made it down to Cherokee Lake to get in some practice before the off limits period.  I hadn’t been there before, but after riding around and doing some fishing I really like that place.  There are a lot of big smallies in that lake and depending on the weather; we could have some really good weights.  Before heading down, I marked about five hundred places on my Navionics app that looked good and graphed about all of them.  Out of all of them, I ended up finding about thirty places that have a lot of potential.  There are a lot of community hole areas on the lake though and overall it could fish pretty small.  I did find some sneaky areas that I can hopefully get away from some of the crowds though.  I’m excited to kick off my first season on the Elite Series there in a couple weeks.