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FLW Tour Season Midway Point Recap

Posted by jacob on April 27, 2016

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(Photo: FLW LLC)

It’s been a busy month so far.  We just wrapped up the FLW Tour event at Beaver Lake and now it’s on to Pickwick.  I made a little pit stop to fish a Trail of Dreams event with my buddy, Whitney Stephens, in between and we were able to win the thing which was pretty cool.  I just love fishing period, no matter what kind of event it is; when you can team up with your good friend and win, that makes it all the better.

Beaver Lake went pretty darn well!  Both my travel partner, Matt Arey, and I made top twenty cut.  We seem to always be right there with each other which helps drive one another.  I caught them so many different ways at Beaver.  I have been fishing there a few years now and have learned that you have to fish differently everyday if you want to do well.  I mixed it up between catching some flipping a jig, a Punch Out Craw, drop shotting beds, and cranking.  It was a classic lesson in junk fishing 101.

Looking back at the first part of the season I definitely have some things to build on; I’ve had some good finishes and hope to keep that momentum rolling.  In fishing that snowball effect is real.  When you string together a couple good tournaments oftentimes you can keep it going.  I have adjusted my thought process, I always fish for a check but I’ve seen where you can get lazy doing so.  You need to take it one step at a time and make the first cut and then worry about the second, but you can’t be satisfied with just getting a check if you are wanting to contend for a win or an Angler of the Year.  I’ve seen in with Scott Martin.  He fishes for cuts.  First it’s the twenty cut, then the ten, and then the win.  It’s the mindset you have to adopt to go to another level in the sport.  Another thing that has helped me this year is weighing my fish.  As I catch them, I throw them on the Rapala Digital Scale so I know exactly how much weight I have.  I really believe it’s helped me this year.

With three events down now, I’m sitting in eighth overall in the Angler of the Year standings.  I was in a similar position a few years ago when after three events I was sitting in third.  That was the year that Andy Morgan and Cody Meyer ended up battling it out until the very end which was pretty epic.  I’m about sixty points out of first right now which I think is really doable.  There are some really good anglers like John Cox, Jeff Sprague, and Scott Martin fishing extremely well right now, but anything can happen.  There is still a lot of fishing left, but I have to really have to bust them down the stretch here.  The best thing is, I’m feeling really comfortable and I’m fishing confident.

I’m in Texas right now doing some videos, a photo shoot and just getting some general content for Academy.  After I finish up here I’ll be headed straight to Pickwick.  It’s a different time of year than we’ve went there in the past and it seems like it’s going to set up where you can catch them a lot of different ways.  It’s rare that we go there and it’s not a full blown ledge deal, but I’m not complaining.  I like catching them deep or shallow, but I grew up fishing a lot in shallow water and always get excited when I can fish to my strengths.