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Holidays and Prepractice Days

Posted by jacob on December 16, 2017


The holiday season is upon us and it’s been an enjoyable time thus far.  I’ve been enjoying the married life with my wife, relaxing and getting prepared for the 2018 Bassmaster Elite Series season.  I’ve been down at Hartwell prepracticing for next year this past week.

Although I’ve been here plenty of times in the past, it’s always useful spending some time looking for new areas to fish because things are always changing year to year.  Highland reservoirs like Hartwell are some of the most notorious for changing.  To me it’s very important to stay in tune with these types of lakes, especially for this reason.

Prepracticing has been an integral part of my strategy for years now.  I’ve seen tremendous value in going to scout this fisheries well before our events because even though the fish will probably be in a different stage by the time the tournament rolls around, the time spent behind the graphs can be invaluable.

Electronics, like my Lowrance units are great for searching for new spots.  However, even things like finding spawning areas in the spring can pay off big time later in the season.  In many places, fish don’t ever venture that far from spawning areas.

With the new rule change, I expect to see a lot more guys taking advantage of the prepractice period.  I think it will really show up in the results with the guys that are utilizing that time doing well.

The past month I also did quite a bit of hunting up in Ohio which is always something I look forward to.  It’s a great way to recharge and enjoy an outdoor activity that isn’t fishing.  We’ve also been going through a lot of tackle in the garage and trying to order new stuff for the season.  I kind of feel bad for my wife after leaving my tackle all over the place before leaving for Hartwell.

Living at Lake Chickamauga has also had its perks.  The fishing has been decent recently, but should continue to get better as it cools down.  I’ve been fishing some smaller tournaments that have been a lot of fun.  A couple weeks back we won one with about seventeen pounds then this past week came in second with eighteen.  I enjoy fishing regardless of how big the event is.

I’m also excited about a couple great new partnerships for next season with Triton Boats and Realtree Outdoors being on board.  They’ve both been great to work with and I really look forward to getting my new Triton within a couple weeks.  They really seem to take care of their guys and that’s always a great thing to see.

It’s almost Christmas time and I’m looking forward to spending it with my wife and family.  Shortly afterwards we’ll be headed out again to do some prepracting for the upcoming season, so any time spent with loved ones is always something I’m grateful for.  I wish all of year a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Be safe out there!