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Marriage Vows and Mille Lacs Sows

Posted by jacob on October 8, 2017

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I’m excited to get to finally marry my wonderful fiancé Alicia tomorrow in Hawaii.  We got engaged, we bought a house and all that’s left now is to tie the knot.  Before heading out I was up in Ohio getting everything ready to do some deer hunting when I get back with my buddy.  It mostly consisted of hanging stands and just spending some time in the woods.  I can’t wait to get out there during the rut.  We also wrapped up the Elite Series season at Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota.  It was a solid finish to the season and we got to catch plenty of big brown ones which is a ton of fun.

Going into the final Angler of the Year Championship, I knew everything had to go right for me to really make a run at winning.  It was kind of fun knowing I could go out there and fish and just let everything else play out.

I know Mille Lacs pretty well now.  I’ve spent a good bit of time up there, but you never know if it’ll be the same.  The first day of practice I had over twenty four pounds which was pretty encouraging.  You had to do a lot of different stuff to get bites, but I felt like I was putting it together slowly throughout practice and figured out a few ways to get some bites.

The first day of the tournament, I was able to catch a little over twenty pounds pretty quickly.  I got plenty of bites and ended up losing one five pounder that day, but started off right in the mix.  Day two, I had about twenty two pounds in the first thirty minutes.  It was one of the most fun days fishing in a derby I think I’ve ever had.  We were culling four and a half pounders and having a ball.

The top two guys never ended up stumbling enough for me to move up and win, but all in all, it was a great event and first Elite Series season.  I just never really had the bites to win throughout the event and I felt like I did everything I could to put myself in the best position.  Congrats to Brandon on an excellent season.

Once we get back from Hawaii, we’ll be heading to the next Major League Fishing event.  It’s going to be somewhere down in the South so it should be a grind of an event.  It should still be fun and I’m looking forward to getting back after them for the first time since wrapping up the Elite Series season.