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Moving Through the Season

Posted by jacob on April 26, 2017



Tomorrow we kick off the next Bassmaster Elite Series event of the season at Ross Barnett Reservoir in Jackson, MS.  To sum up this week’s practice would be to say it was a grind.  It’s a transition time here and these fish are definitely in a funk.  Coming into this one, I expected it to be a meat and potatoes kind of event from a techniques standpoint.  I don’t really think that’ll be too far from the mark, but it’ll be all about grinding it out and getting a couple bigger than average bites each day.  We’re just coming off of a cold front and it may have been a factor in practice being so stingy.  We’re going to keep an open mind this week and get ready to grind it out each day.  I managed to stop here to check it out before off limits so I’m hoping some of that extra looking around will help out some in this derby.

Before making my way to Ross Barnett it’s been crazy busy.  My fiancé and I have been packing everything up and are getting ready to move into our new house right near Lake Chickamauga, TN.  Most people make the joke about women having too many shoes or too much stuff, but in our case my fiancé is saying that about all of my fishing stuff!  For the record, I do have a lot of stuff, but I do need almost all of it.  At any rate we got all that figured out and one POD full of fishing stuff later we’re ready to move.

Our event at Toledo Bend was crazy.  We had a really good first day and took the lead, but it was a constant struggle to keep up with them.  My deep fish didn’t seem to replenish so I had to mix it up with some bed fishing and shad spawn as well.  Just like we have this week at Ross Barnett we were in a heavy transition so multiple patterns played.  Overall, it was a cool event.  It’s actually pretty fun getting to fish so many different ways.

We stopped off after Toledo at Rayburn and Dardanelle for a few days to get in a little prepractice in for those events.  I had not been to Dardanelle before so it was good to get a few days on there and to see what was going on at Rayburn too.  We’re in the top ten in points heading into the second half of the season so I’m doing everything I can to keep that momentum train rolling in the right direction.