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What Makes an Angler Great

Posted by jacob on April 5, 2016

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Instead of recapping our last two events, we’re going to go in a little bit different direction.  We’re going to analyze the things that make some anglers consistently successful in this sport.  When you really take a look at guys like Aaron Martens and Scott Martin and how they go about their jobs, you can definitely see a pattern.

One of the easiest things to see is their work ethic.  Both of them spend their practice days out there from dawn until dusk.  Now, let’s back up a bit to before practice even starts; these guys are spending hours studying maps and preparing tackle.  By doing this they save themselves time during practice and the tournaments because they know where a laydown is way up the river or exactly where to get a quarter ounce weight from.  Time is definitely money in this sport.

Scott is someone that I’ve personally learned a lot from.  With three days of practice in the FLW Tour, deciding where to spend your practice time is a big deal.  What he does and what he has taught me is to spend one day on the upper end of the lake and one day on the lower end to figure out which end has the most potential, then spend your final practice day there.  He has also taught me a lot about bed fishing events.  In my opinion, he is one of the best when it comes to bed fishing.  Basically, his philosophy is to find at least one hundred bed fish for a four day event.  The theory behind that is that a third of them will leave, another third will be caught by other people, and then you are left with the last third.

A lot of people think there is a lot of luck involved in fishing and while there is some, the same handful of guys always seem to finish near the top.  With so many variables to control, it seems like the anglers who are the most consistent are the ones that prepare for every variable they can control and put in the hard work.  Whether it’s being extremely organized or being open minded enough to scrap everything you’ve been doing because of changing conditions, the best in the sport seem to share these qualities.

The last thing that the best seem to have in common is the fact they are confident and generally very positive.  I think a lot of this comes with time and knowledge of lakes.  It makes sense that most guys in their prime are somewhere around the thirty to forty year old mark as well.  It seems like in this age category is where your highest mental and physical peaks are closest to one another.

It’s really an interesting subject that I think about quite a bit.  Just like in fishing, if you can figure out the pattern, it can lead you to success as well.  I think as anglers if we all try and take a hard look at the best anglers in the sport and what makes them so great, we can learn and apply a lot of those things to our own game.  -JW