Best Bass Rods Under $150

Best Bass Rods Under $150

Best Bass Rods Under $150: If you are looking for a quality bass fishing rod that doesn’t break the bank, then let us help you. We have reviewed some of the top-rated fishing rods out there on the market to help you buy the Best Bass Rod Under $150.

Short answer: KastKing Speed Demon Pro is the Best Bass Fishing Rod Under $150 as per our reviews.

KastKing Speed Demon Pro
  • 【Elite Carbon Blanks & Nano Resin Technology】 - Speed...
  • 【Fuji Guides/Reel Seats 】 - Only the finest Fuji guides...
  • 【20 Technique Specific Actions & Lengths】 - We’ve...

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Now, let us move to our in-depth reviews.

Best Bass Rods Under $150 Reviews

Here is our list of the 7 Best Bass Rods Under $150, $100, and $50.

KastKing Speed Demon Pro

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Bass Fishing...

KastKing has a reputation for delivering the most powerful fishing gear in the industry. The KastKing Speed Demon Pro is no different. It is extremely powerful, strong, lightweight, and sensitive.

It is built using Elite Carbon blanks and Carbon Nano Tube resins technology. The latest technology that goes into making these rods, reduces weight and improves the breaking strength. It increases lifting power by 30% compared to graphite rods.

The Fuji guides and reel seats are a quality statement in themselves. WINN golf-style grips on the handle and butt section make the rod comfortable to use.

KastKing Speed Demon Pro is an incredibly versatile rod that comes in size range from 6’8″ to 7’6″. These rods are a great option for swimbait, crankbait, jerkbait, or drop shot. So whatever bass fishing technique you prefer, there is a Speed Demon Pro rod for you.


  • Fuji reel guides and seats provide ensure quick retrieval.
  • High-quality carbon makes the rod strong and flexible at the same time.
  • WINN grips ensure a comfortable and efficient hold on the rod.
  • A perfect balance of lightness and sensitivity in one rod.


  • Some anglers complain about its long-term durability.


Most of the rods built by KastKing prove themselves to be amongst the best rods of all time. The KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rods are no different.

It is a beautifully made rod that suits all kinds of anglers and all fishing techniques. But this elegant rod isn’t just all smooth and sleek looks, it also packs in amazing features.

Cadence Spinning Rod CR5

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods | 30...

Cadence CR5 rods come in a variety of power and action with lengths ranging from 5’6″ to 7’0″. This very variety is the reason why bass anglers with even very different styles go for these rods.

The 30-ton carbon blank makes the rods lightweight, powerful, and sensitive. These rods support both split grip and full grip types of handles. The grip combines EVA and cork for effortless performance and ease of use.

Stainless steel guides with SiC inserts reduce friction and improve smoothness and sensitivity. Fuji reel seats provide a firm, strong, and steady hold. It adds to the fantastic features of the rod.

I think any of the CR5 rods will give you lots of room for growth and improvement. Considering its affordable price, it may be the Best Bass Rod Under $100 on the market.


  • It is a great rod for all kinds of fish, be it bass, trout, or walleye.
  • The flexible and sturdy build quality will stand the test of time.
  • The rod offers a comfortable fishing experience thanks to its quality guides, inserts, and reel seats.
  • The powerful mechanism combined with a carbon fiber construct adds a boost to its value.
  • All rods of the CR5 series come at a pocket-friendly price.


  • It may not last as long as the more expensive rods on the market.


Cadence has been a trusted name through the years. The rods manufactured by Cadence promise premium quality at an affordable price. The CR5 serves this very purpose.

It provides a great value-for-money rod that will suit you if you’re looking for a premium rod at a lower price.

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik 6’6” GX2...

Ugly Stik has been producing top-selling rods for quite some time now. Its consistent quality and affordable prices never disappoint. Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod does not deviate from these goals.

The 6’6″ long medium-heavy rod is ideal for bass fishing. It is durable, lightweight, and sensitive. Made out of graphite and fiberglass, this rod offers strength and power to catch even trophy bass.

The one-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides work with all types of line. The EVA grips on this rod make it light and comfortable to hold.


  • This rod comes with an easy hold with its EVA grip.
  • It features innovative guides that eliminate insert pop outs.
  • It works well with all kinds of fishing methods and complements the anglers well.
  • The rod is lightweight, sensitive, and super responsive.
  • It has a better reel seat than most other fishing rods in this price range.


  • The tip may break if you store the rod in an improper manner.


Ugly Stik has a reputation for quality. The GX2 rod is definitely a classic so go for it if you like lightweight and sensitive rods.

St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod

St. Croix Rods Mojo Bass Casting Rod,...

St. Croix Mojo doesn’t only offer a top-rated performance, but it is also quite affordable. It comes with a medium-heavy power rating and fast action that casting rods are known for.

You may well be aware that the construction material influences the quality and performance of any fishing rod.

St Croix Mojo is built with advanced SCIII graphite. The premium high-modulus SCIII carbon makes the rod lightweight, sensitive and durable.

The Kigan Master Hand 3D guides and aluminum-oxide rings make the rod strong. The special advanced reinforcing technology increases the sturdiness of the rod. The Fuji ECS reel seat improves the durability of movable components.

With this rod, you need not worry about the casting distance. You can cast decent distances for successfully railing bass.


  • The rod is sturdy and tough owing to the advanced reinforcing technology used in its construction.
  • The special Kigan Master 3D guides improve the accuracy while casting.
  • The casting distance is sufficient and the overall use is comfortable.


  • Some users report that this rod is relatively stiff.


St. Croix has left no stone unturned in ensuring the quality of this fishing rod. Its offers unmatchable sensitivity owing to its premium and lightweight construction.

If you are looking for a strong jerkbait rod with fast action, then St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod is the one to go for.

Okuma Serrano Bass Rods

Okuma Serrano Carbon Technique Specific...
Okuma churns out the top fishing rods so I just had to include it in this list. Despite the similarities to other rods, you will find lots of differences in this one.

The Okuma Serrano is a 7′ 2″ long fishing rod that is great for bass fishing from a boat, dingy, or kayak. The 24-ton carbon blank construction makes it a highly sensitive and responsive rod.

The Fuji K-Concept guide frame helps reduce wind notes. It also makes the actual frames lighter than the other rods which use pure steel. The carbon fiber that is woven into the butt section improves the strength of the rod.

The Winn Grip and EVA rear split grip handle makes the rod incredibly comfortable to hold. If I had to choose a comfortable and primed rod for my bass fishing trip, this rod would top the list.


  • It is comparatively lighter than the other rods.
  • This rod comes with a limited lifetime warranty period.
  • The grip and handle design give a comfortable hold to the rod.


  • The guide inserts need a little extra care.


Okuma Serrano is a premium quality rod that ensures comfort for all kinds of anglers. The phenomenal lifting power makes it 400% more powerful than other rods in the market.

Enigma Fishing IPPON Pro

Enigma Fishing IPPON Pro Tournament...

The Enigma Fishing IPPON Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rods are specially designed for bass fishing.

This 1-piece rod comes in 10 different sizes from 6’9” to 7’6″. It is built from Japanese Toray Graphite which makes the rod sturdy, sensitive, and lightweight.

The Alps Guides come with titanium-coated frames and Zirconium rings for a greater casting distance and accuracy.

The super firm E-grip ensures a strong and comfortable hold. All rods in this series come with a custom storage case with all the rod information on the outside.


  • All rods in this series are sturdy and lightweight.
  • The Alps Guides ensure a greater casting distance.
  • The comfortable grip won’t hurt your arms.


  • The tip might break under pressure.


Enigma Fishing IPPON Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rods are super sensitive. They can make you feel every bit of your fishing experience.

These are great rods if you know your way around bass fishing and how to make full use of quality rods.

Dobyns Rods Fury Series

Dobyns Rods Fury Series 7’0”...

Dobyns has been manufacturing some astutely amazing rods for a long time now. It is popular for the power and durability that it packs in its rods.

The Fury Series stands by all the Dobyns quality standards. These are high-quality rods with premium features. But they come at an astoundingly low price. No other high-end rod would offer such quality at this particular price.

In our reviews, we tested the 7-feet medium fast action spinning rod. This rod uses a high-modulus graphite blank with Kevlar wrapping. So it felt strong, sensitive, and lightweight. We were able to cast long distances with accuracy.

Fuji reel seats offer a great platform for the reel to fit in. The split cork handle makes the rod comfortable to hold and easy to use.

This rod specializes in Jigs, Senkos, Shaky Heads, and Texas-rigs.


  • It is very sensitive right from its tip to the handle.
  • It is very durable, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • This rod maintains the balance between power, strength, and sensitivity.
  • The grip is strong and firm. The Fuji reel seat keeps the reel in place.


  • The cork may bend or break after a certain point of pressure.


The Fury Series rods combine strength and sensitivity while maintaining a lightweight and balanced core.

If you’re a serious angler, then you must include this rod in your shortlist. Overall, it is a great deal packaged at a value-oriented price!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Bass Fishing Rod?

Bass fishing has become a classic with time. But choosing the right rod is fundamental as it determines how well your fishing trip will turn out to be.

You must consider various factors like:

  • The type of the rod
  • The length of the rod
  • The weight of the fish you’re aiming for
  • The type of material that goes into building the rod
  • And so many other things

Keep an eye on what you truly want from your fishing rod. Don’t be afraid to explore and shortlist what you think might be important features for you.

If you need help choosing the right bass rod, you can use our detailed reviews of the Best Bass Fishing Rods Under $150. These are all proven to be amongst the top rods for bass fishing.

What Type of Rod is Best for Bass Fishing?

For bass fishing, you need rods that can handle large fish easily by creating enough drag. So most anglers prefer baitcasting rods for bass fishing.

You need baitcasting rods also for casting larger lures, while you can cast smaller lures even with spinning rods. Nothing will let you throw smooth and accurate casts like a good baitcaster.

An added advantage of baitcasting rods is their ability to work well in every sort of environment and whichever season. Many anglers regard baitcasting rods as more dependable and enjoyable.

What Size Rod is Best for Bass?

Good casting requires sufficient rod length. The longer your rod, the further you will be able to cast. A shorter rod will serve just as well if you aim to cast near your boat.

You need rods between 6 to 8 feet in length for bass fishing. It will allow you to throw casts up to your desired length with ease.

What Rod Action is Best for Bass Fishing?

The location of the bend determines the action of the rod. When a rod is weighted, a fast-action rod will bend higher up on the blank. A slow-action rod will bend more near the bottom one-third of the rod blank

Fast-action rods are also known to be more sensitive. Comparatively, slow-action rods are less sensitive. But they will allow you to cast up to longer distances.

Your go-to fishing rod may not work for catching bass. It may be a different weight or action than what is suitable for bass fishing. Ideally, bass fishing rods need to be medium power and fast action.

What Power Rod do I need for Bass?

You need a medium to heavy power rod for bass fishing

A fishing rod with a medium power rating will have enough power to set the hook for the most challenging fish. At the same time, it will be light enough to accurately sense their position.

What Rod is Best for Bass Fishing?

Bass fishing is a fun sport. But there is a lot that goes into selecting the right gear for the right kind of fish. And, rods are an integral part of this selection.

So when people ask me for bass fishing advice, usually their first question is “What rod is best for bass fishing?”

KastKing Speed Demon Pro is the Best Bass Rod Under $150 in my opinion. It is one of those dependable rods that offer power within an easy-to-use size.

It is important for your bass fishing rod to be dependable. See that the materials of construction are strong enough to battle even the stubborn fish. The build quality of the rod must also be sturdy and dependable.

You’ll find that KastKing Speed Demon Pro is tougher than most other fishing rods out there. Along with that, it is also highly sensitive. To successfully catch bass you need a sensitive rod to sense their move on time.

If you are looking for the Best Bass Rod Under $100, go for Cadence CR5 or Ugly Stik GX2. There is a reason why they are so popular among anglers.


A bass fishing rod has certain specific criteria for it to work. This includes its type, length, action, power, and material of construction. You will end up making the right purchase if you keep these factors in mind.

We hope you like our pick of the Best Bass Rods Under $150. All these rods are extremely efficient and powerful. They can help you catch even the most challenging bass with ease.

Please feel free to ask us any questions about our reviews, testing, or bass fishing in general. We will be happy to answer any queries.

If you would like to suggest any rod for our reviews, then please contact us. We will consider your suggestions for our next update.

You can contact us via the comments section below or via the Contact Us page.